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A history of Stockton Heath
Locally Important Buidings

Stockton Heath has a very long and varied history. There has been a settlement here since Anglo-Saxon times and ‘The Heath’ was made an important resting place for the marching Roman armies. It was also a camp

for both armies in the civil war.

The Romans made Wilderspool Causeway, London Road and Chester Road as routes for their armies to march along. Thereafter used as the main trade routes in and out of Warrington.

In the early 1800’s (1805 – 1808 ‘ish) a house stood at the corner of London Road and Walton Road which was the home of Edward Fenna and his family who was the Parish Constable. Outside the house were the Parish Stocks (removed 1850). The house was called the “Stone Jug”.

In 1894 an Act of Parliament set up local Parish Councils. Stockton Heath was part of the township of Appleton. Two years later Stockton Heath formed its own Parish Council and one of its first jobs was to rename ‘Pigeon Bank’ as ‘Victoria Square’ after Queen Victoria.

Parish Council History Police Station History

History of Stockton Heath Police Station

Parish Council History

History of Stockton Heath Parish Council

Police Station History Stockton Heath War Memorial

Locally Important Buidings

War Memorial



In bygone days the granting of freedom of the parish awarded some of the following rights and privileges:

The right to graze sheep or cattle on common land

The right to trade inside the city wall

The right to walk troops through the town or parish with drums beating and colours flying

Rights are however nowadays mainly symbolic.

The following have been granted Freedom of the Parish in recognition of services to the community by Stockton Heath Parish Council:

Mrs. June Daynes  May 2008         

Mrs Jean Bullock May 2008        Mrs Helen Curwen             October 2016

Mr Gary McIntyre  July 2011      Mr Tudor Pope                   October 2016

                                              Mrs Wendy Emsley            October 2018