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Stockton Heath has had a history of allotment provision with allotments being based in the village centre between White Street and Kimberley Drive which is now the Church Farm Shopping Precinct and Car Park.  Prior to 1958, the Stockton Heath allotments were based at Belvoir Fields in Stockton Heath which is understood was owned by the Greenhall Family and was eventually sold for housing.

On 12 December 1949 Frederick Greenwood, late of Birch Tree Farm Appleton, and probate of his will on 18 July 1950 granted to the vendors out of the principal probate registry.

The land was purchased on 16 November 1955 for one thousand and two hundred and fifty four pounds eleven shillings and five pence.  

The playing field at Mill Lane became the property of the Parish Council on 9th February 1960.

As part of the national celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Parish Council voted to transfer ownership to a dedicated trust that will protect the land from development and preserve it as a resource for the community for perpetuity. The land has been renamed to Queen Elizabeth II Community Field - Mill Lane Diamond Jubilee Field. A map is available here.

A brief history is available here.

Bird and bat boxes were installed in August 2013.

Information on the adjacent Alexandra Park, owned by Warrington Borough Council, is available here.

Some people think this was originally a clay pit for Warburton’s brick making. However even though Warburton's was in the immediate area, Ackers Pit actually appears on a fifteenth century document, dated 1465. J. Ashall sold the pit to the Parish Council for £1 in 1978.

Wildlife Survey

Ackers Pit Site Layout

Notice February 2015


Charles Parkinson of 82 Sankey Street Warrington and Gladys Smith of 11 Francis Road, Stockton Heath and Frederick Arthur Greenwood  of “The Limes”, Chester Road, Grappenhall sold the plot of land adjoining Red Lane Appleton in the County of Chester to Stockton Heath Parish Council and the conveyance deed was signed on 10 July 1958. The land is now managed by Stockton Heath Allotment Association Limited.

The shop is open from 10am to noon every Saturday from April to October and sells plants/ gardening items.

Contact point for application forms is the Stockton Heath Allotment Association Limited’s email address - as at 26th June 2017, contact the clerk@stocktonheathpc.org.uk for these details.  An application form will then be emailed to the applicant. Click here for a map of the allotments.

There is a Friends Group who run a cafe in the park at the Main Pavilion on Saturdays from March onwards serving tea, coffee, juice and fabulous home baked cakes.